0262 – An Interview with Rob Pincus of ICE Training et al

At the request of some listeners we are going to step out of chronological order and bring to you the last interview I conducted in Vegas at SHOT Show 2012.  I have at least 5 interviews still to come, and probably more than that as there were folks we wanted to catch up to but simply couldn’t make schedules work.  So don’t worry, there is plenty more content still to come from SHOT Show.

Today we are going to speak with one of the modern defining forces in defensive shooting instruction.  Rob Pincus of ICE Training has a pretty busy schedule and we appreciate him taking the time to sit down and chat.


Today we talk with Rob Pincus of ICE Training

Rob’s Background

We Discuss:

  • Accessibility to students
  • What sets ICE and CFS apart
  • What issues exist in the training world
  • Accuracy
  • The struggle to improve instruction
2 replies
  1. Randall
    Randall says:

    I got to talk to Mr. Pincus at the Winchester range at SHOT Media Day. Super nice guy, although he seemed to draw the ire of Mike Janich on last season of Best Defense Survival!


    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      He is a great guy and maybe even more importantly he takes his rep as an instructor and instructor traier very seriously. He understands that people may be making decisions that will prodoundly effect their lives based on information he provides in his courses. That integrity is something the industry could use more of. He is actively working to make that happen as well.

      Just so you know Randall, I made it a point to scan the room as I typed this reply. ;). I hope you Blue Sheepdogs are well!


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