Course Location

Both the classroom and shooting portions of class take place at:

Southington LE and Mil Training Facility

10321 Silica Sands Road

Garrettsville, OH 44231


Course Duration

The State of Ohio REQUIRES that applicants for a Concealed Handgun License complete 8 hours of training with a qualified instructor.  As a result, this course is 8 hours in length.  Courses will begin promptly at 8:30 am and will end after 5:00 pm.  Classes may continue longer than the required 8 hours to ensure that all student questions are thoroughly answered. Due to the 8 hour requirement, class will be conducted with a working lunch.  This means that you will need to bring your lunch with you and be prepared to eat it on site.  We will not be able to make accommodations for you to leave the training facility to obtain food after the start of class. PLEASE BE PREPARED! Make sure you have adequate food and beverages to help you maintain safety and concentration throughout the course. Prior preparation prevents poor performance… In order to get the most out of you Fundamentals of Concealed Carry and Ohio CCW Course some preparation is required before class begins.

Course Materials

  • an open mind
  • note taking materials including pen or pencils and a note pad
  • the handgun and holster you plan on carrying concealed (rentals are available)
  • three magazines for the above handgun (we can manage with two but three is better)
  • a sturdy belt and pants with belt loops
  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun (if you will be renting an SSA handgun the ammunition needs to be factory 9mm)
  • eye protection and ear protection
  • food and drinks to maintain concentration and safety throughout the duration of class (make sure to bring your lunch, drinks and snacks.  Food is NOT available on site.)
  • appropriate clothing to be outside for the shooting portion of class (around 3 hours)
  • layers to make sure you are comfortable during the indoor classroom portion

Course Resources:

Below you will find three podcasts that often answer many of the questions that people who are new to concealed carry have.  take some time to listen before you come to class.  Some of the material will be covered in the course but in a different manner so you may find the different perspective and the back ground information helpful.


In the following video I talk about how you can be properly prepared for your concealed carry course.  You may find the information useful.

Final Preparation

Take some time before class to sit down with your note pad and pen and do some writing.  What questions do you have about:

  • about concealed carry
  • handgun selection
  • ammunition selection and caliber
  • laws regulating concealed carry
  • what to do in a self-defense scenario

This is the start of your checklist of questions you need your course to answer and will help you to collect your thoughts on what you want your concealed carry class to do for your ability to protect yourself and your family.

Please arrive on time!

Know where your class takes place and know how to get there.  Please understand that this course is 8 hours in duration.  Other students in class have taken extra care to arrive on time and unless there are extenuating circumstances exist, class will begin on time.  If you are not present when your course begins, you may not meet the State of Ohio REQUIREMENT for 8 hours of instructional time. Please be respectful of your classmates and arrive on time.

Both the classroom and shooting portions of class take place at:

10321 Silica Sands Road

Garrettsville, OH 44023


We look forward to training with you and helping you learn to lead a safer life.