Safety Solutions Academy:

Saving lives through Information, Education and Training.
Are you prepared to save your own life or the life of someone you love?

SSA helps you become more prepared to make a difference when it counts the most. From awareness and avoidance of the threats you face, to dominating those threats when you can’t avoid them to delivering life saving aid after the incident has ended.

Safety Solutions Academy provides Information through social media networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, Education through the SSA Podcast and guest speaking engagements and Training through our hands on contextually based courses.

We service a wide range of individuals in many areas of training. Whether you are active duty military, law enforcement or a responsible citizen, our programs will help to develop the skills you need to save lives.


At Safety Solutions Academy we are dedicated to our students. I am proud to be a Charter Member of the Association of Defensive Shooting Instructors and our school abides by the Association’s Seven Tenets of Professionalism:

The Professional Code of Defensive Shooting Instructors

1. I am committed to the safety of my students, and hold that the expected benefit of any training activity must significantly outweigh any known or perceived risk of that activity.

2. I believe that it is my responsibility to understand not just what I’m teaching, but WHY I’m teaching any technique or concept, or offering specific advice.

3. I recognize that defensive shooting skills, along with the drills and gear used, are inherently specialized and usually distinct from those of target shooting, competition and hunting endeavors.

4. I will encourage my students to ask questions about course material, and I will answer them with thorough and objective explanations.

5. I understand that Integrity and Professionalism are subjective traits and I strive to maintain high levels of both. I am capable of, and willing to, articulate the reasons for the way I conduct my courses and how I interact with students & peers.

6. I believe that it is valuable to engage my peers in constructive conversation about differences in technique and concept, with the goal of mutual education and evolution.

7. I believe that the best instructor is an avid student, and I will strive to continually upgrade my own skills and knowledge. As part of this belief, I understand that my own teachings need to be subject to critique and open to evolution.


Stay safe and have a great day!