Safety Solutions Academy is serious about Ohio Concealed Carry Training and you should be too. Carrying a concealed weapon is a serious decision with serious consequences and as an Ohio CCW permit holder you need the proper training to help you deal with the worst case scenario.

Fundamentlas of Concealed Carry Ohio CCW Course
Ohio CCW Classes - SSA

This course qualifies you to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License.

Our Ohio concealed carry courses are second to none and are outstanding training regardless of your background. The Safety Solutions Academy CCW training exceeds the standards set forth by the State of Ohio and is an outstanding way for you to gain understanding of Ohio law, Concealed Carry as a concept and develop intuitive defensive shooting skills that will work well in a worst case scenario.

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Ohio CCW Classes with Safety Solutions Academy provide you with Critical Defensive Skills that you need to deal with a lethal threat efficiently. You can expect to learn:

  • The laws that govern Concealed Carry in Ohio. Where and when you can carry your concealed handgun.
  • Use of force and the law in Ohio and how. What circumstances will get you into legal hot water and how to avoid them.
  • How to select the best concealed carry handgun.
  • What concealed carry method, holster and position allow quick access to your concealed carry handgun and a secure mode of carry when you don’t need your gun.
  • What ammunition and caliber are the best choice for concealed carry and why.
  • The rules of firearms safety and how they apply to concealed carry in Ohio.
  • How to safely store your CCW handgun when you aren’t carrying it.
  • How to avoid and de-escalate violent encounters when possible.
  • How to respond appropriately when you cannot avoid violence.
  • How to handle your concealed carry handgun safely on the range, at home and when you need to use it.
  • Intuitive shooting skills that help you respond efficiently when you are forced to defend your self or your loved ones.
  • Much, much more.

The 12 hour course consists of a strong balance of classroom time and live fire exercises on the range.

Class sizes are limited so register now.

Critical Defensive Handgun

This course WILL NOT qualify you to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License however it is the logical next step if you have already earned your concealed carry permit for the State of Ohio.

Don’t wait until you’re standing in a dark parking lot, alone and facing a criminal attacker, to learn the skills you need to defend yourself and your loved ones!

Safety Solutions Academy’s Critical Defensive Handgun course provides you with the vital shooting skills you need to prevail in the worst case defensive scenario: when you’re caught off guard and need to protect your life.

You can register for Critical Defensive Handgun Courses here.

The course curriculum is designed to maximize the survival positives of your body’s natural reactions and help you improve your skills in a surprising, chaotic and threatening situation through efficient threat recognition and realistic, learned responses.

When you train your Critical Defensive Handguns skills with Safety Solutions Academy, you will develop the real world skills you need to prevail when it counts: In a fight for your life.