Leave a Voice Mail for Safety Solutions Academy and have your question or comment featured on the SSA Podcast!

I would love to hear your question and feature it on the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast.  Simply record your message by clicking the “start recording” button below.  You don’t need any special equipment to record and you can use your standard microphone to record your message.

What kind of message should you leave?

The possibilities are endless (and some are terrifying) but you might consider asking:

  • A question or comment  that relates to a recent blog post or podcast
  • The self-defense question that has been nagging at you
  • A suggestion for a show topic
  • A comment about a SSA Course that you attended
  • Anything else that relates to increasing your personal safety.


As soon as you leave your message, I will get an email and I will check it out.  If I can comprehend your message and its content is appropriate for the SSA Podcast, I will work it into a show!

Suggestions for the best quality:

  • Record in a relatively quiet environment.  (Using your standard computer mic while wing walking on an A-10 making strafing runs may not yield the best quality.)
  • State your question first.  Your message is limited to 90 seconds, so , tell us your name and location and then ask your question.  Supply background info in any time you have remaining.
  • Listen to your message before you send it and if you need to, re-record it.
  • Send it!

I look forward to hearing your comments and questions and answering them on the SSA Podcast!