Don’t wait until you’re standing in a dark parking lot, alone and facing a criminal attacker, to learn the skills you need to defend yourself and your loved ones!

Safety Solutions Academy’s Critical Defensive Handgun course provides you with the vital shooting skills you need to prevail in the worst case defensive scenario: when you’re caught off guard and need to protect your life.

Critical Defensive Handgun.

The course curriculum is designed to maximize the survival positives of your body’s natural reactions and help you improve your skills in a surprising, chaotic and threatening situation through efficient threat recognition and realistic, learned responses.

When you train your Critical Defensive Handguns skills with Safety Solutions Academy, you will develop the real world skills you need to prevail when it counts:  In a fight for your life.

In the Critical Defensive Handgun course, we’ll cover imperative defensive shooting topics such as:

  • Solid, defensive shooting fundamentals that work well with your body’s natural reactions
  • How to make the shots you need to make as quickly as possible
  • Important actions that can keep you safe while you are drawing your defensive handgun
  • How to balance speed with precision
  • How to reload your gun efficiently when it matters most
  • How to deliver rapid follow up shots to stop your threat quickly
  • Realistic training for multiple attackers
  • Understanding your body’s natural reactions in the worst case situation
  • How to develop your skills appropriately when class is over
  • One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting
  • Getting your gun back in the fight when it stops working
  • Shooting in motion (when, why and how)


Critical Defensive Handgun

Course materials are derived in part of the Combat Focus Program.  Unlike other programs, these techniques are designed to work with your body’s normal reactions under stress to give you the ability to defend yourself when it matters most.

We understand that time is a precious commodity and that’s why we offer courses in small, easy-to-digest classes of four, eight and 16 hours.

Just thinking about your personal safety isn’t enough.  If you truly want to respond efficiently when your life is on the line, get the best training you can.

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