Ehost SSAach year, more and more people in the Cleveland Metro Area and from around the country realize the professional quality that Safety Solutions Academy offers when it comes to Defensive Firearms Training.  Many of these people register for courses at our home location at the Southington Law Enforcement and Military Training Facility and for good reason.  The training is top notch and the facility is outstanding.

If you think that you would like to visit beautiful NE Ohio for some quality training, you can learn more about that option here.

Traveling to Cleveland isn’t the answer for everyone.  That doesn’t mean you cant train with SSA.

The other option is to do what people from more than a dozen states do each year.  Host a Safety Solutions Academy Defensive Firearms Course at your range.

Host a Defensive Firearms Course

Hosting a course can be a great option as it allows you to sleep in your own bed, train at your local range, have options in the courses that are being taught, and economically provide top quality training for a local group.  That being said, hosting a course isn’t for everyone. There is some footwork required on your part and a few responsibilities that will fall on your shoulders.  There is no doubt that in the end, the effort will be worth it!

Keep reading to find out more about hosting Safety Solutions Academy in your area.

Host a defensive firearms courseRange Requirements

Safety Solutions Academy is strongly focused on quality defensive shooting instruction.  As a result we will only allow you to host a defensive firearms course on a range that facilitates the success of the event and our clients.  SSA has established certain requirements for the ranges we train on.

  • We are happy to train on indoor or outdoor ranges, however, we cannot be responsible for the impact that weather has on our training.  Safety will be the first priority.
  • Ranges must have a suitable impact area for containment of fired rounds.  If I don’t know exactly where rounds are intended to impact, we don’t train.  Plywood, hay, woods and swamps just don’t cut it.
  • The backstop must be rated for the firearms expected to be used in class.  If you are interested in a rifle course, make sure your backstop is rated for rifle cartridges.
  • We must be able to move freely on the range with out restrictions to the firing line.  For a successful course we must be on a range that is not open to the public and we will need to have access to the area in front of the traditional firing line.
  • Students will be working from the holster as a result, your range must allow students to draw from the holster for class to be a success.
  • Students will be in motion as a result the range should allow for unrestricted movement of shooters.
  • If you are interested in hosting an Advanced Critical Defensive Handgun Course, there are other restrictions that will need to be discussed at the time of booking.

In addition to the physical range itself, the host will be required to provide some simple materials for class to be successful:

  • One target stand per student
  • Sticks that fit target stand and are at least 5″ in length
  • Target backers (SSA uses targets that are 24×35 so backers should be similarly sized
  • Functional staplers and staples (yes, they actually need to work!)
  • A few cans of spray paint

Student Count

That Safety Solutions Academy is able to offer courses across the U.S. on a long term basis, there will be a minimum enrollment (or min fee if you want to look at it that way) associated with each course.  This minimum student count simply makes sure that our courses make sound business sense.

Required EnrollmentHost a defensive firearms course

One Day Course Enrollment Guidelines
  • Min 10 students at full tuition 
  • 1 free slot for host at 10 enrollments
  • second free slot at 15 enrollments
Two Day Course Enrollment Guidelines
  • Min 8 students at full tuition
  • 1 free slot for host at 8 enrollments
  • second free slot at 14 enrollments

One Day Course Options

One day courses can be popular with end users as they are less expensive, require less ammunition and do not occupy the students entire weekend.  One day courses can be a great way to introduce your group to the concepts and principles that Safety Solutions Academy teaches or as a way to refresh skills with students that have previously trained with SSA.

A variety of courses can be offered in the one day format.

  • Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns and Concealed Carry Combination Course
  • Critical Defensive Handgun
  • Critical Defensive Carbine
  • Critical Defensive Shotgun

Two Day Course Options

Although two day courses are more resource intensive when it comes to tuition, ammunition and time, I have found that they are far more efficient when it comes to the impact on the students competence.  Because the students have the opportunity to experience down time between day one and day two, their learning is magnified.  From a purely mathematical standpoint, the class time is doubled wich allows for twice the amount of content, depth and repetitions under the watchful eye of professional instructors.  Twice the time at less than double the price.  That is a value.

Host a defensive firearms courseThe real benefit comes from down time,  This down time allows for thought and reflection, additional conversation and research, formulation of questions and most importantly sleep.  Sleep is an important time for the brain to assimilate and organize new information.  Consider hosting a two day course if your group is filled with excited and motivated learners.

A variety of courses are available in the two day format:

  • Critical Defensive Handgun
  • Critical Defensive Carbine
  • Critical Defensive Shotgun
  • Advanced Critical Defensive Handgun (students must have participated in a one day or longer Critical Defensive Handgun Course as a prerequisite)
  • Fundamentals of Home Defense Handguns, Fundamentals of Concealed Carry and Critical Defensive Handgun Combination Course

Another possibility when you look at your training goals is to book two consecutive one day programs.  A perfect example would be to host a 1-Day Critical Defensive Handgun Course and a 1-Day Critical Defensive Shotgun Course.  These courses can be taken by the same students or independently as long as they meet the minimum requirement of 16 total registrations.

Additional Courses

Many organizations find that hosting an additional course before or after a one or two day course can be beneficial.  These programs can be negotiated at the time of booking to make sure your needs are met.

Student Registration

Safety Solutions Academy will handle all registrations through its online store.

Affiliate Bonus

When you host a defensive firearms course with SSA, you are encouraged to register as an Affiliate.  The Safety Solutions Academy Affiliate Program offers generous rewards for those that refer students to SSA Courses.  Our referral rate is 12% and pays out when you reach $100 in referral bonuses.  This is a great way for hosts to earn extra money to help cover their course costs or other fees associated with training such as ammunition, etc.  Keep in mind that you can continue to earn affiliate fees long after the course you host is over.  In fact, you don’t ever have to host a course to take advantage of this program.

Follow this link to learn more about the SSA Affiliate Program.


Reasonable expenses are built into our course costs, however, there are times that expenses like air travel, hotels and range fees leave the range of reasonable.  Make sure to discuss any issues like range fees, student meals and other incidentals BEFORE we begin taking registrations so that student tuition can be adjusted to take care of unanticipated costs.

Host a Defensive Firearms Course  and Enter a Professional Business Arrangement

Safety Solutions Academy is my passion and my livelihood.  I don’t have another job and teach firearms courses on the side.  I am a Professional Defensive Shooting Instructor and I take my profession seriously.  I simply ask for you to do the same.  I have no problem talking with anyone about defensive shooting whether by email or by phone, but please keep in mind, when we book dates, its GAME ON!  This means that when you book a course we need to make sure that the course is a success.  Promotion and execution will be key.  I’m happy to help, but for success, YOU will need to follow through!

I would love to come to your neck of the woods and train.

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