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Thank you for taking the time to visit Safety Solutions Academy North East Ohio’s premier defensive firearm training school and home of the best Ohio Concealed Carry courses in the state.

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The Origins of Safety Solutions Academy

In 2010, I began the process of creating Safety Solutions Academy to fill a need for quality, professional, Defensive Firearms Instruction. As the defensive firearms industry has continued to explode it has become even more evident that Safety Solutions Academy was an important tool needed to fill the instructional void that exists when it comes to the defensive use of firearms and information surrounding concealed carry.

Safety Solutions Academy works to helps its clients understand the realities of the defensive use of guns. We take a hard look at:

  • What you can do to avoid ever having to use a gun to defend yourself.
  • What guns are best for defensive use and what makes them better than all the rest.
  • How you can best prepare for a spontaneous scenario where you are forced to use your firearm for protection.
  • What other skills are important when it comes to your personal security.
  • Many other topics.

Safety Solutions Academy Courses

Advanced ccwThe majority of our clients benefit the most from attending Safety Solutions Academy Courses in person after they have used our virtual content to improve their skills on their own.

Follow this link to  find a list of our courses along with important course information.

Although Safety Solutions Academy is based in North Eastern Ohio, (not far from Cleveland,) we regularly have students travel from around the country to train with us and request our services at their location.  Safety solutions Academy Courses are taught in more than a dozen States annually and we would love to have you as our guest in Cleveland or come and train you at your facility.

Travel To Train With Safety Solutions Academy

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If there aren’t any SSA Defensive Firearms Training Courses in your area follow this link to host a course.


SSA CHIPSafety Solutions Academy Content

This hard look takes places on our blog and podcast, the YouTube channel, our social media outlets and in our in person courses.  Our widespread approach means that our content is available to most everyone regardless of physical location, financial means, or free time.  If you are interested in learning more about your personal security, Safety Solutions Academy has content available to you.  Check out the far right of this page for our most popular and our most recent posts.

SSA Podcast

The Safety Solutions Academy Podcast is a great way to digest quality information related to the use of defensive firearms and your personal safety.  With more than 300 episodes you are sure to find content that is helpful to you and your family.

Please listen, subscribe and let me know what you would like to hear covered on the SSA Podcast.

You can find the podcast right here on the SSA page, and also on

SSA YouTube Channel

With over 100 videos, the SSA YouTube channel is another source of SSA’s free content.  This video shuld give you a good idea of what to expect from YouTube.