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Training for self-defense, personal protection and general safety is an important endeavor. We take your journey seriously and so should you.  After all, it’s you and those that you love that will have to live with the consequences of a violent encounter or a dangerous situation.

The decisions you make now can have a significant impact on the outcome of violence and you’ve taken the first step to making the RIGHT choices by visiting Safety Solutions Academy.

Our goal with Safety Solutions Academy is simple:  Safety Solutions Academy will provide you with outstanding content that will help you to develop an understanding of what personal protection really is, sort out the complexities of defensive training, and demystify the defensive tools you need to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Safety Solutions Academy is my labor of love.  As the owner of SSA I have worked hard to create a website full of information that helps you to learn the concepts, skills and tactics so that you and your loved ones can lead a safer life.

If makes sense to know a bit about the people you trust for potentially life saving information and training.  So feel free to head to my bio page so we can get a little bit more acquainted.