Quality defensive firearms training is an investment that you want to make the most out of. This means prior preparation. Make sure to take the time to be sure you understand how you can best prepare for class before you get there. If you have questions about how you can best prepare for your course make sure you contact Safety Solutions Academy to find out how you can get the most out of your training.

Suggested Equipment:

  • Your centerfire revolver
  • A holster which does not collapse when the gun is drawn
  • 600 rounds of ammunition
  • At least (2) speedloaders (more is better)
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (we do not cancel classes on account of rain!)
  • Sunscreen and/ or bug spray
  • Beverages (water, juice, sports drinks; at least (1) quart/liter per day, more in hot weather)
  • Lunch and snacks (there are not restaurants close to the range so make sure you have the food you need for the day)
  • Note-taking items (notebook and pens/pencils)
  • Eye and ear protection (electronic hearing muffs are highly recommended)


Range Location



Holiday Inn Express

Best Western Park Hotel


Travel to NE Ohio

There are two major airports convenient to our training facility:

CLE – Cleveland Hopkins Airport

CAK – Akron Canton Airport


Lunch Arrangements

We will take a break each day for lunch, however, there will not be lunch available within reasonable distance of the range. This means you will need to plan ahead and bring your food for lunch and the day. Consider packing you lunch in a cooler as there is not refrigeration available at the range.