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J-Frame Julie Golob
Revolvers with Sherman house

438 - Revolvers Dr.Sherman House

438-Revolvers et al with Dr. Sherman House Welcome to the Safety…
Jframe Jan

437 - Chuck Haggard on J-frames and Pocket Poppers

Welcome to the Safety Solutions Academy Podcast! If you are working…
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Massad Ayoob ND

Lessons from a Negligent Discharge at MAG-40

As I sit down to write, it has been just over 72 hours since…
second amendment

A Second Amendment Mistake?

I wonder if I have been making a selfish mistake when it comes…
Tac-Con Social Lever Gun
Julie Golob Toys Tools Guns and Rules

Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules

Toys, Tools, Guns and Rules: Julie Golob’s children’s gun…
S&W jframe

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

When it comes to concealed carry there are few guns that put…