MagFIX for the S&W M&P Shield

You’ve got your Shield, We’ve got your MagFIX!

Improve the performance of your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield extended magazine with the MagFIX and its interlocking base pad and sleeve.
The MagFIX will keep the sleeve where it belongs, help your empty magazine drop free giving you smoother and faster reloads.  In addition, the MagFIX makes dealing with malfunctions easier than the factory parts even if you only have one hand to work with.


Here is what the MagFIX can do to improve the performance of your Shield!

  • The MagFIX locks your extended magazine sleeve and the base pad firmly together to make sure the sleeve stays in place so that your reloads are smooth and fast.
  • The MagFIX provides enhanced gripping steps on your oversized base pad to make sure you have a solid grip on the gun while shooting and an improved purchase should you need to deal with a malfunction.
  • The MagFIX features an enhanced profile which helps your empty 8 round magazine to drop free, ensuring that your reloads will be as fast and efficient as possible.
MagFIX for the S&W Shield

Since 2014 Safety Solutions Academy has been working on a solution to some of the challenges presented by the extended magazine that is included with each Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm and .40 S&W handgun.

Our first solution was an interlocking aluminum sleeve and base pad called the Plan B. It was an effective solution, but at the same time, the manufacturing process limited features that could be added. More importantly, it was just too expensive.

The MagFIX is made with durable, fiberglass reinforced, injection molded polymer. The MagFIX is higher quality than our original design, it has more features and it is less expensive!