Warrior Summit – The Warrior Summit is my mission in life.  To get critical self-defense information in front of  the people who really need it:  Armed citizens, law enforcement officers and military personnel.  I have only one goal with The Warrior Summit and that is to help you DOMINATE a violent encounter.

Gunfighters Ltd. – Established by Lou Chiodo, Gunfighters LTD is the source on the truth about violence.  Lou has combined his extensive operational experience in the USMC and the California Highway Patrol with a solid statistical analisys of the implementation of a quality fighting system to develop what is widely considered to be the most solidly grounded fighting system.  I am lucky to call Lou my friend and mentor.

Live Safe Academy – Located in the Metro Detroit area, Live Safe Academy is owned and operated by Ian Kinder.  Ian has extensive practical experience with violence and his experience is evident in the simple and effective unarmed combative skills that Ian teaches to his many students.  It is the extensive training that I have engaged in with Ian and Live Safe Academy that has built the foundation of my Unarmed combat courses.

Western Reserve Tactical Check out Jamie Onion and his company WRTactical.  Jamie is a CFS Instructor and someone I trust when it comes to armed self-defense.

The Survival Podcast – Jack Spirko has done a great job of putting together a wonderful community of people that are focused on living a safer life.  Check out TSP.

The Gun Rights Radio Network – Some other podcasts that I listen to.  Some for fun, some for my own education.

BlueSheepdog – Great LEO blog from my friend Richard.

ThinBlueFlorida – Another LEO blog, this one is from Randall.

Willoughby School of Gung Fu - Established by Master Joe Gionti. Training in the Chinese combat art of Kune-Tao from Great Grandmaster Willem Reeders to Grandmaster Robert Servidio and Master Scott Young.


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