The Best Concealed Carry Handgun for Women

A guide for women in selecting the RIGHT gun for CCW.

Selecting the best concealed carry handgun is an important task.  It doesn’t matter if we are talking about handguns for women or for men, it is important.  On the other side of the coin, you can’t focus on picking the best ccw pistol so much that you neglect developing the mindset necessary to use your concealed  carry handgun should you be faced with a violent attack.  In the same light, we can’t ignore the need to get the proper training to deal with a potentially lethal violent attack.

Best womens ccw gunMindset and skills are important, but we need to have the BEST tools that we can get our hands on as well.

Your concealed carry handgun is a tool and you should invest your time and energy into selecting the best concealed carry handgun you can find.

Your life may depend on it.

Women have several challenges that they face when it comes to Concealed Carry.  First of all, despite the fact that every day, more and more women are becoming involved with defensive shooting, the concealed carry world tends to be dominated by men.  The reality is, men and women are different and sometimes men forget this simple fact.

The difference between gender matters even when selecting the best concealed carry handguns for women.  Wardrobe matters.  Body shape matters.  Physical size and strength matter. However, we have to understand how and when these attributes can make a difference in your ability to efficiently shoot a defensive handgun. When we pay attention to these factors, at the right time and in the right way, you can find which concealed carry handgun is best for you regardless of your gender.

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Is a small revolver the best concealed carry handgun for women?Is a revolver the best ccw handgun for women

One of the common assumptions that people make when considering hanguns for women is that the snub nosed

revolver is the best concealed carry handgun for women.  Although it can be a viable option for some people and some situations I disagree with the automatic assumption that you should carry a snubby just because you are a woman.

When anyone is trying to find the right handgun for concealed carry they need to look at two primary areas; reliability and efficiency.  You carry a gun so that you have a tool to defend yourself or your loved ones should you need to. When you need to, YOU REALLY NEED TO!  This means you need a gun that works.  Every time.  So reliability is paramount. A gun that doesn’t function is no longer a gun.  Instead, it is simply a poorly designed striking tool.  Revolvers traditionally have an edge in the area of reliability, however, the modern semi-automatics have made incredible strides when it comes to reliability.

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The Best Handgun for Women is Efficient

The definition I use for efficiency is: Achieving a goal with as little time, effort and energy as possible.  Efficiency is an important concept when it comes to defensive handguns because we do not want to waste energy completing unnecessary tasks when the most important task in from=nt of us sis saving our own life!

Efficiency is an important topic that we discuss in our training courses (you can learn more about SSA’s Courses by following this link)

Efficiency is where the modern semi automatics, especially the modern striker fired pistol really start to pull away. The first aspect of the modern striker fired pistol that is more efficient than the revolver is when it comes to reloading.  There is simply no comparison when reloading a revolver and a semi-automatic handgun.  First of all, capacity is a major issue with the revolver.  The typical concealed carry revolver has a capacity of 6 or even less rounds where even the smaller 9mm automatics have a greater capacity.  When you are ready to actually perform a reload, even when some type of speed loading device is utilized such as a speed loader or speed strip, the revolver reload is slower, more complex and requires more dexterity.  When you are running a gun in a life or death situation we must understand that the three aspects I just mentioned, time, complexity and dexterity play a huge role in your success or failure.  We need to be quick, simplicity is better than complexity and dexterity may well be in short supply.  When it comes to reloading, the semi-automatic handgun beats the revolver.