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SSA GHO 010 – Paul Leitner-Wise and I discuss the AR-15 and how Leitner Wise Manufacturing make it better!

SSA GHO 009 – Grant Cunningham and I discuss the problems with warning shots.

SSA GHO 008 – Rob Pincus and I discuss the PDN Spring Training Tour, I.C.E. Training Companies Instructor Development Programs and Modern Philosophy.

SSA GHO 007 – Grant Cunningham and I discuss why context is important in defensive training.

SSA GHO 006 – Adam Wilson joins us to discuss the tradition of the American Rifleman and Precision Rifle Shooting.

SSA GHO 005 – Grant Cunningham joins us to discuss Defensive Handgun Reliability and the Remington R-51

SSA GHO 004 – Range Report and the Remington R-51 First Impressions

Google Hangout 003 – Grant Cunningham is back to discuss Why a handgun?

Google Hangout 002 – The Ghost of Matt Devito doesn’t show up to discuss training and the Smith & Wesson Shield

Google Hangout 001  – Why have a defensive firearm?