Travel Defensive Handgun

Defensive Handgun TrainingEvery year, Safety Solutions Academy teaches courses in more than a dozen states across the U.S.  America, however, is a big place and there is no guarantee that we will be teaching close to you.  Of course, that is a shame.

The good news however is that there are two ways that you can help Safety Solutions Academy rectify the situation:

  1. Host a Safety Solutions Academy Course at your location
  2. Travel to Train with SSA

Hosting a Course

Hosting a course can be a great option as it allows you to sleep in your own bed, train at your local range, have some choice in the courses that are being taught, and economically provide top quality training for a local group.  that being said, Hosting a course isn’t for everyone.

Follow this link to find out if hosting a course is the right way to go for you.

Travel to Train With SSA

If you are thinking about traveling to get the best defensive firearms training with Safety Solutions Academy you can view our courses here.

Over the past several years it has become more and more popular for students (and other instructors) to travel to the Cleveland, Ohio area to train with SSA at our home location.  This makes a lot of sense.  First of all, Cleveland ROCKS! a which helps.  Second of all, Safety Solutions Academy is very lucky to have access to one of the premier defensive training facilities in the nation.  I’m not talking fancy, when I say premiere, instead I’m talking about a high quality shooting range that has the space, the backstops and the freedom to allow you to train the way you need to to increase your competence when it comes to defensive firearms skills.

You can check out where we conduct live fire and small classroom classes, here:  Southington Law Enforcement and Military Training Center

Southington really is an impressive place.  Take a look at what Google sees when it checks our our training ranges.

Getting to Our Location

The Southington Law Enforcement and Military Training Center is located at:

10321 Silica Sand Road

Garrettsville, OH 44231

Our location and North East Ohio are relatively easy to travel in and out of whether you are traveling by car or air.

By Car

Our facilities are located close to the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) and I-90 which both provide easy east/west access.  I-71 and I-77 provide access from the south.

Our facilities are an easy drive from Pittsburgh, Columbus and Detroit making a drive to class and back a reasonable undertaking for a one day course.  Those coming in from longer distances may want to reserve a hotel room in the area.

Cleveland Airports

The Cleveland Metro Area is served by two major airports:

  1. Cleveland Hopkins (CLE)
  2. Akron Canton (CAK)

Cleveland Hopkins is a large airport that will certainly get you where you need to go while Akron Canton is a smaller regional airport that can get you to major hubs in the Eastern U.S.  CAK is an efficient and pleasant place to travel to and from and it is my airport of choice.

Where to Stay When You Get Here

Best Western Park Hotel

The Best Western Park Hotel in Warren, Ohio is our favorite place to recommend to those traveling from out of town.  The hotel is relatively close to the range (about 30 minutes) and sits right on the town square in Warren.  It has a bit of a small town urban appeal which is pleasant.  There are a variety of stores and restaurants to serve your needs when you aren’t on the range.The hotel is recently remodeled and the rates are very reasonable which is the real reason it is our favorite.

Holiday Inn Express – Lordstown/Newton Falls

The Holiday Inn Express sits a bit closer to the range and is immediately off of the Ohio Turnpike (I-80)  Increasing the convenience for some.

Aurora, Ohio

Aurora is directly west of the range by about 20 miles. There is a large selection of good food and shopping in the area and the Bertram Inn is a great hotel.

Streetsboro, Ohio

Streetsboro is located two exits west on the Ohio Turnpike (I-80) and has a fairly large selection of hotels. and may be a good option.

Solon, Ohio

If you are taking a course that is at the Great Lakes Outdoors Megastore in Bainbridge, Ohio, Solon offers the closest lodging.  If you are also training at the range it is really a toss up as to where to stay.


If you are looking for a good place to eat dinner when you get into town check out some of these small town Ohio favorites

Mainstreet Grill and Brewery, Garrettsville

TheMainstreet Grill and Brewery is listed first because it is an SSA favorite.  It is a strong possibility that we will head here after class on Saturday for dinner after class.

The Brick, Garrettsville

If you order a Freddy Burger, you can’t make a bunch of changes people.  If you do, it isn’t a Freddy Burger anymore…

Robbie Lees, Newton Falls

There are stories about Robbie Lee’s.  Order the fried cake for dessert…

The Covered Bridge, Newton Falls

Good small town comfort food.

Other Food Type Supplies

Unless otherwise noted in your course materials you will need to make sure you bring your lunch and snacks to the range during class.  There are several grocery stores located in Garrettsville as well as shopping available in Warren, Newton Falls and Streetsboro.



Newton Falls


Travel Has It’s Benefits

One of the concepts that those that travel to courses have mentioned again and again is that when they get away from home to train, they get away from distractions.  When you are staying overnight in another city, there is no urge to leave class early so that you can get the lawn cut.  Setting aside a block of time to train and really focus on that training for 48 hours is a very efficient way to accomplish your goals.

More and more people are willing to step outside their local area to get quality training.  One of the reasons Safety Solutions Academy was born was so that people could find quality training in the Cleveland Metro Area.  The fact is that Cleveland wasn’t and  isn’t the only place where quality, professional defensive firearms training was lacking.  There are other great instructors out there, but we cannot be everywhere.  Don’t be afraid to come train with a quality school like Safety Solutions Academy.

Take a look at our courses here.