Train with Safety Solutions Academy!

When it comes to your safety, you are responsible to ensure it.  It isn’t someone else’s  job to keep you and the ones that you love safe.  That responsibility falls on your shoulders and so do the consequences of dealing with a violent encounter.  That is why it makes sense for you to prepare to deal with the safety and security issues that you may face.  Safety Solutions Academy is your partner in that preparation.

Safety Solutions Academy is dedicated to providing you with the best training for your personal protection.  This means we offer a wide variety of courses that will make up the top priority of training topics for those that are interested in increasing their level of personal safety.

We have you covered with gun safety courses, concealed handgun training and other defensive handgun classes, defensive rifle and shotgun courses, medical training, legal training and courses that cover unarmed combative skills.

Safety Solutions Academy firearms courses are taught by owner, and professional defensive firearms instructor Paul Carlson.  To supplement Paul’s expertise, SSA hosts some of the top instructors in the nation to make sure that you are getting the best training available.  Our home range facility offers us a flexibility in training that is difficult to find.

Keep reading to find out which course is the right course for you.

Paul Carlson, Owner of Safety Solutions Academy.

SSA Owner Paul Calson

The Right Course for You!

Critical Gun Safety – The most important gun class you can take!  Coming Soon!

Learn to Shoot for Fun – Shooting is a fabulous hobby.  Learn to shoot a handgun in a safe and fun environment!

Ohio Concealed Carry – One of the most comprehensive concealed carry courses taught in the State of Ohio!

Critical Defensive Handgun – Have your concealed carry permit and wonder what the next step is?  Answer: Critical Defensive Handgun!

Advanced Critical Defensive Handgun – Expand the circumstances where you can safely and efficiently use your handgun.

Critical Vehicle Concealed Carry – One of the most common areas to experience violent crime is in and around your vehicle.  CVCC helps you prepare!