Safety Solutions Academy – Ohio Concealed Carry Course

In the State of Ohio those that wish to apply for an Ohio Concealed Handgun License (Ohio CCW Permit) are required to submit a copy of a certificate of competence from an Ohio CCW Course.  Safety Solutions Academy’s Ohio CCW Course meets and exceeds ALL of the requirements set forth by the State of Ohio.  If you complete a concealed carry course with Safety Solutions Academy you can apply for your CCW knowing that your course will fulfill all of the requirements.  This isn’t the case with other concealed carry courses.  With Safety Solutions Academy you can count on quality.

In fact, SSA takes their Concealed Carry Courses well beyond the state standards.  With Safety Solutions Academy you can expect to learn:

  • Practical gun safety skills so that you can practice gun safety regardless of the circumstances.
  • How to safely and securely store and stage your defensive handgun in a manner that is safe, responsible and appropriate for your circumstances.
  • How to safely and securely store and handle ammunition so that you can count on it when you need it most.
  • What handguns are best for concealed carry and why.
  • Why holster and belt selection make such a big difference in your success with concealed carry.
  • How to safely, comfortably and securely carry your concealed handgun.
  • The concepts and principles behind how to use your concealed handgun to defend yourself from a lethal threat.
  • A comprehensive overview of Ohio Revised Code regarding concealed weapons and the use of force.
  • Solid, hands on, live fire training in the use of a defensive handgun and gun handling skills.
  • And much more.