Train with revolver expert and author Grant Cunningham.

Do you carry a snubnose revolver in your pocket? Do you keep a full-sized wheelgun by your bed? No matter what kind of defensive firearm you depend on, you need to know how to use it. When it counts. In a defensive shooting. Having the right training is important, especially when we are talking about fighting with a revolver. That’s what Defensive Revolver Fundamentals (DRF) is all about! Defensive_Revolver_Fundamentals_GrantDefending yourself from a criminal attack is different. Really. It isn’t the same as competition, hunting, plinking, or even police work. In the private sector, criminals surprise their victims most of the time. When this happens you won’t be ready. You’re likely to be off guard and off balance. Your body’s natural reactions will dictate your responses. If what you’ve trained isn’t how your body wants to fight, you’re likely to improvise. Wouldn’t it be better to train in the ways your body is designed to fight? That’s why Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is so important. This class is based on years of study. Research into how criminal attacks happen and how your body reacts. In a worst case scenario when you are surprised and in grave danger. Grant will teach you how to put the pieces together so your techniques work with what the body does naturally. This is how you will will defeat the threat and prevail!

If a revolver is part of your personal defense plan this course is for you. Register today. Space is limited.

Skills For The World You Live In

So many that are teaching defensive shooting base their courses on target shooting or military strategies. These disciplines don’t reflect the kinds of threats you and I are likely to face. You see, Defensive shooting is unique. If you’re attacked you won’t get a chance to psyche yourself up for a buzzer. You aren’t going to have the ability to call in air support. You probably will be caught off guard. You won’t have time to think about getting into your favorite stance. Your body will react to that lethal threat in very predictable ways. The more that your training dovetails with those reactions the better you’re going to perform! You’ll learn about:

  • How and why the body reacts the way it does.
  • How those reactions affect how and what we train.
  • You’ll adopt and practice skills that work with the body.
  • As a result you won’t need to think about how to respond when the unthinkable happens.

Of course your attacker has a little to say in this too. This class understands violence. The skills you learn will reflect how criminals really work.

  • There won’t be any expectation that your attacker will stand still.
  • We won’t assume his accomplices will be next to him when you need to shoot.
  • You’ll learn how to deal with more than one threat in your environment,
  • Why you need too corporate movement in your response.
  • How to recognize the level of precision you need to incapacitate your attacker.
  • Even how to react when you can’t yet see your threat.

Grant will cover:

  • How to train and practice so that you learn to make and act on decisions more efficiently.
  • How to respond using the least amount of your defensive resources.
  • How to prioritize your practice and why you should.
  • How the environment of your attack affects your response in surprising ways and much, much more.

When you finish this course you will be more prepared to deal with real attacks. The kinds of attacks you’re likely to face!

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Optimized For The Wheelgun

Everything Grant Cunningham has learned about self defense and about the revolver come together in DRF. In a typical defensive shooting class you,won’t find revolver instruction. If there is any at all it’s from people who don’t really know the gun. Maybe your instructor speaks revolver, but they don’t understand how to operate one when the body is in full alarm reaction mode. That isn’t the case with Defensive Revolver Fundamentals. In this class you’ll learn techniques that reduce reliance on find motor skills. This will make it easier to use your revolver when your hands are shaking and your vision has changed. You need to know the most efficient way to reload the revolver in the face of danger. Grant will teach you that. You need to know how to manipulate the trigger when you’re under stress. Check. How to shoot your snubnose to the level of precision you need to hit your target. Consider it covered. The kind of ammunition that is best for self defense. How you should carry spare ammunition. Grant will teach you that and a whole lot more. These are optimized defensive revolver skills taught by an expert. It isn’t rehashed gun magazine nonsense from someone who has never actually lived with a wheelgun!

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Who Should Attend?

Defensive Revolver Fundamentals is a two-day class for anyone who has a revolver for self defense. It doesn’t matter if you anticipate the need to use it for home or personal defense. The course is especially well suited for those with concealed carry licenses/permits (CCW). It’s suitable for both new shooters and those with some experience under their belts, and we’ve had students from 18 to 70 years of age! This class has a moderate level of physical activity. We can work around any physical issues you might have.


The only prerequisite is a good grounding in safe gun handling. It also helps to know how your revolver functions. (If you’re not sure about things like how to load and unload your revolver, we suggest taking a very basic entry-level class from a local instructor before signing up.) Buy the book here.

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