Staging Defensive Handguns: Quick Access Safes

Hornady Rapid Handgun Safe

I have been using the original version of the Hornady Rapid Safe for several years. Hornady supplied me the safe for review and allowed me to keep it when I like it so much. If Hornady would have requested the safe to be returned, I would have sent them a check instead. I like it that much.

The safe has changed a bit since the original version and isn’t quite as robust as it used to be, however, it still makes a decent option for a quick access safe.

The new Rapid Safe is smaller in overall size but allows for staging of full size handguns. The Rapid Safe depends on RFID technology to open the safe meaning that anyone that posses the bracelet, key fob or RFID card can open the safe. It also means that bloody fingerprints won’t inhibit biometrics from functioning.

The Hornady Rapid Safe relies on a key for opening if the RFID fails or is unavailable.

The new version of the Hornandy Rapid Safe is simply a clamshell design and the trigger guard of your gun will NOT be covered when the safe is open so you might want to consider a trigger guard cover if you intend to keep your gun fully loaded.


Gunvault SVB500

Gunvault SVB500 is a biometric quick access safe that is designed to ergonomically present your handgun to you when the safe is opened.

I think that the SVB500 was originally designed for use under a desk because of its vertical orientation, but I think it can work well in a variety of circumstances including mounting on the side or behind a night stand or headboard.

With some guns the trigger guard may be fully covered helping to keep your finger from entering the trigger guard when retrieving the gun.

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