Aim2curejm challenge

Shooting the Aim2CureJM Challenge

I like to be direct and there are certainly folks that appreciate…
S&W jframe

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

When it comes to concealed carry there are few guns that put…
Best concealed carry Belts

The Best Concealed Carry Belt: Finding the right belt for you.

One of the make it or break it concealed carry accessories is…
massad ayoob flag mag40

412 - Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast on the Pale Blue Dot and Industry Ethics

In this episode I talked with Daniel Shaw the host of Gunfighter…
ccw handgun fit

409 - Defensive Handgun Fit

Defensive Handgun Fit:  What is defensive handgun fit and why…
Pocket CCW

406 - Pocket Carry

406 - Pocket Carry Concealed carry in your front pocket, the…
Belts for CCW

405 - Belts for Concealed Carry

405 - Concealed Carry Belts Selecting a quality belt for concealed…
Dealing with the legal aftermath of a confrontation

402 - Paul Lathrop: Dealing with the surprising legal aftermath of a confrontation

We learn best by doing.  The problem with learning by doing…
Handgun World Plan B s&W Shield