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406 – Pocket Carry

406 – Pocket Carry

Concealed carry in your front pocket, the good, the bad and the UGLY!

Pocket carry, just like all concealed carry methods, is a compromise.  You always need to be looking at where you need to value conceal-ability, comfort, security, and access.  Typically the more concealed and more comfortable the gun is, the less access you have to that gun.

Pocket CCWIt can be taken so far toward comfort or concealment that it is almost as if you don’t have a gun.

However, when concealed carry is executed correctly in pants pocket it can be an outstanding way to stage a gun to deal with a specific set of circumstances.

In today’s episode of the SSA Podcast we are going to take a look at pocket carry.  We will explore:

  • Why I carry a secondary gun in my pocket.
  • How to decide if pocket concealed carry it is right for you
  • What limitations pocket carry has.
  • What guns are best for concealed carry in a pocket.
  • What training considerations need to be taken into account when you are considering carry in your pocket.
  • What to consider on holsters and other safety concerns with pocket carry.

Something About Pocket Carry you May Want to Consider

Pockets are dirty places.  Maybe dirty is the wrong word, but full of debris is certainly accurate.  Your pocket is only a place for guns that are reliable when they are dirty.  That is the reason I carry a revolver in my pocket.  Dirty CCW gunEven with only a weeks worth of wear, my wheel gun is a lint fest.  There is so much crud on my gun that I try to make sure that I clean it once a week.  If you aren’t up for the additional maintenance that a pocket gun requires, then pocket carry might not be for you!

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