Dealing with the legal aftermath of a confrontation

402 – Paul Lathrop: Dealing with the surprising legal aftermath of a confrontation

We learn best by doing.  The problem with learning by doing however, is the fact that you actually have to surmount the difficulties you face to learn the lessons.  It seems, the more important the lessons, the more difficult the learning.

There is an alternative.  We can learn from the experiences of others if we are really committed to studying their experiences and if they are willing to share.

Over the past six months, Paul Lathrop, the host of the Polite Society Podcast, and an over the road trucker has been learning some difficult and challenging legal lessons.

Paul broke no laws the night he was involved in a seemingly benign truck stop confrontation.  Only words were exchanged.  No blows were thrown or weapons drawn so it seemed that things had ended in a relatively simple manner.

30 minutes later, Paul and his trainee were stopped on I-80 by the Nebraska Highway Patrol.  When Paul arrived back at the truck stop to sort things out, the deputy dealing with the situation placed Paul under arrest.

Soon Paul found himself spending more than 4 days in a county jail without medication that he needed, or a clue about what would come next.

Paul takes some time today to discuss the situation that he found himself in, the struggles that he faced and the mistakes that he feels he made so that you can learn how to avoid those same pitfalls.

Make sure to take a look at these important resources:

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MAG-40 with Paul and Susan Lathrop in Sioux Falls SD, June 15-19, 2017 – email susan at

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4 replies
  1. WayneMHK
    WayneMHK says:

    If you can avoid it, NEVER drive through Nebraska. NHP are d!icks of the highest order. If you have out of state tags, they’ll pull you over for 56 in a 55. Because…….d!cks.

    • Paul Carlson
      Paul Carlson says:

      Hey Wayne – Thanks for the comment. I think I hear that comment about HP and Troopers from just about every state. What I think is important to note is that in this situation, the NHP acted in a very professional manner in the way that they dealt with Paul.

      • NWGlocker
        NWGlocker says:

        Been eagerly waiting for Mr. Lathrop to go public after the criminal charges were dropped and I see he will be circulating among the most trusted of the defense podcasts.

        This is going to be a case study well worth examining and dissecting through. It is something that anyone interested in personal defense should take careful note of. Thanks for sharing.

        • Paul Carlson
          Paul Carlson says:

          NWGlocker, I couldn’t agree more. We all should be asking ourselves questions regarding how we could avoid ending up in Paul’s situation, what resources we have assembled to deal with the situation if we find ourselves there and more. As Paul continues to speak out we will continue to gain insight into how we can avoid the consequences of a confrontation such as this.


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