Belts for CCW

405 – Belts for Concealed Carry

405 – Concealed Carry Belts

Selecting a quality belt for concealed carry.


Episode 405 On Selecting a Quality Concealed Carry Belt

When it comes to carrying a concealed handgun it pays to understand that your belt is the foundation for successful concealed carry.  Instead of acknowledging this simple idea, many people focus on the gun.

We all understand why this happens, because guns are sexy and mysterious.  The fact remains that without a good belt, you aren’t likely to carry your gun.


Why?  If you have tried to carry with a crummy belt, you know:

  • A belt that doesn’t support your gun is uncomfortable
  • A flimsy belt meas a gun that is constantly changing position.
  • A belt that is the wrong size for your holster loops doesn’t stay where it belongs.

All of these things mean that you don’t carry that gun that you spent so much time picking out…

Seems a bit counter productive doesn’t it?  Especially if you have to deal with a violent encounter.

In today’s episode dealing with belts for CCW we discuss:

What makes belts such an important part of your concealed carry equipment.

What problems a subpar belt leads to in concealed carry.

What are the qualities you should be looking for in a good belt for concealed carry and

Specific recommendations of quality belts for CCW.

Belts for CCW

Important Links

Ares Aegis Enhanced Belt on Brownell’s

Ares Aegis Enhanced through Ares

Mean Gene Leather

Wilderness Tactical Instructors Belt

Magpul Tejas – I haven’t used or seen this belt so purchase at your own risk.

A whole list of “Tactical Belts” on the old Amazon.


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