National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

Safety Solutions Academy is the name of my company and it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that safety is one of the core values of Safety Solutions Academy (SSA.)

You may or may not be aware that June is National Safety Month.  It would only seem to make sense that SSA would pay particular attention to National Safety Month and of course, that is our intention.  We are going to take it from a bit of a different angle, however.

Instead of just talking about safety, we are going to really niche it down and focus on GUN SAFETY.  OneSSA Mar of the primary streams of income for Safety Solutions Academy is through firearms training courses and this means that we are dealing with gun safety on a regular basis.  We teach gun safety in the classroom and we reinforce it on the range.

That just isn’t enough.  Why?  Because I often watch people that have been instructed in gun safety make gun safety mistakes.

A Common Gun Safety Situation

I saw it yesterday.  I was approaching two people at an open range session that were standing with a barrel between them.  From a distance I watched the person on the left draw his GLOCK 27 from the holster, point it at the other individual and lock the slide to the rear.

Of course I immediately commented.  I said something to the effect of, “That was really terrifying, what you just did.”

The response was the type of response I get on a regular basis, “I was pretty sure it was unloaded.”

I was pretty sure that it was unloaded??? What kind of answer is that?  An Ignorant one at best…

It is these type of situations that drove me to this crazy idea for National Safety Month.  You see, this happens often when I am at the range and watch folks that are outside of my courses interact with guns.  I can’t help but wonder, “If they are that lax with gun safety at that range where gun safety is emphasized, are they even worse when they are at home with no one ‘watching over them’?”

I think I know the answer to that question and you probably do too.  When I thought about this I felt really compelled to do something about it.

National Safety Month Gun Safety Campaign

I’ve talked about gun safety previously on Safety Solutions Academy.  You can take a look at the articles that have piled up over the years that talk about gun safety in one way or another here.  I just felt like there was more to be done.

This June we will be releasing 30 videos in 30 days.  One video for each and every day of the month of June.  Each and every video will be a quick yet important thought on Gun Safety.  I encourage you to watch, implement and share each and every one of the tips that Safety Solutions Academy shares with you during the month of June.

The reason it is important to do that is simple.  The consequences of an accident with a gun are severe and often, in fact almost always, gun accidents are completely avoidable.

If you haven’t made it there already please follow this link to the page where we are compiling all of the Gun Safety Video tips.  The address is really easy to remember and easy to share (that was a hint.)

Go there.  Sign up for the email list.  Download the free Practical Guide to Gun Safety.  Watch the videos.  Share with people that you care about.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, make sure that you make gun safety part of your everyday life!

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