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Gun Safety

A practical approach for training and everyday defensive gun use. You have made the decision to have a defensive handgun in your life.  For most people I think that is a good decision.  It isn’t without it’s complications, however.  You must understand that an error in firearm safety could have consequences that last the rest of […]

Honor Guard Single Stack 9mm Overview

Some of the most popular concealed carry pistols on the market are single stack 9mm handguns. It isn’t much of a mystery why it is the case. When you consider the clambering, 9mm is the cartridge of the day.  For good reason. The single stack configuration makes sense as well.  In addition to being easy […]

0369 – 15 Min Friday – Calling 911

You!  Call 911! When you need help in an emergency situation you usually need it pretty quickly.  Yet we know that once you call, you are on your own for minutes before help arrives. Minutes can seem like an eternity when lives are on the line, but so often people hesitate to call 911 when […]

0368 – 15 Minute Friday – Medical Skills Matter

You are doing self defense wrong! Most defensive shooters out there are doing it wrong.  By definition.  If you are a defensive shooter, it means that you are specialized in a very specific area of defense.  Shooting might be the most fun area to specialize in.  It might be the sexiest.  When you need shooting […]

Apex Trigger for GLOCK Pistols Shipping Soon!

Apex Tactical debuts new GLOCK Trigger Kit Your trigger is not the problem.  YOU are the problem! Anyone that has spent much time reading the blog here at Safety Solutions Academy, listening to the SSA Podcast, or checking out what we do on YouTube probably knows my position on trigger modifications. If you have somehow […]