TPL Weekly Ep. 003: TPL Weekly Ep. 003: Spree Killers and Strategies for Emergency Medical Care.

On episode 3 of the Protected Life Weekly we had planned to talk with Caleb Causey owner of Lone Star Medics and John Edeen an Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon and Membership Director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership about how you can make good decisions.

In the hours leading up to the start of our broadcast a spree killer unleashed terror on the Umpqua Community College Campus in Roseburg, Oregon.

I reached out to Rob Pincus, the developer of the School Attacker Course to join our show and we shifted the focus to strategies that folks can take to mitigate the risks associated with mass killing incidents.

Here is a post from Rob Pincus that put together a large number of resources that you might find helpful in the aftermath of this tragic incident in Roseburg.

I hope you find the information helpful.

Here is an update from CNN.

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