Honor Guard Single Stack 9mm Overview

Some of the most popular concealed carry pistols on the market are single stack 9mm handguns.

It isn’t much of a mystery why it is the case.
When you consider the clambering, 9mm is the cartridge of the day.  For good reason.
The single stack configuration makes sense as well.  In addition to being easy to conceal, the narrow profile tends to fit the typical hand better than many double stack handguns.
Put the two together, and for many folks you have a concealable, shootable, formative defensive tool.
As a result many manufacturers have been scrambling to bring a single stack 9mm handgun to market.  Some too quickly, as has been seen over the past few years with the Remington R51 Disaster.
Honor Guard is bringing an educated perspective to the design of the single stack 9.  It appears that their line of handguns incorporates many of the best features of other small concealed carry handguns and leaves the problems that have been uncovered by others out of their product.
The Honor Guard is in preproduction form at this time but should be shipping by the end of November, 2015.  At that time we will be able to take a look at the performance of the Honor Guard 9mm single stack and determine it’s fitness as a defensive handgun.  From what I have seen to this point, I am impressed.

If you are looking for specific information about the Honor Defense Honor Guard single stack 9mm take a look at this review at Guns, Holsters and Gear.

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  1. John Adams
    John Adams says:

    Is this “overview” a joke? This “new” pistol is a S&W Shield with a stipple job and front cocking serrations! Look at the mags, it’s the same semi-staggered design!

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Wow. Thanks for the ignorant comment John. There are significant differences between the Shield and the Honor Guard, but no need to worry about that. Instead you can just base your opinion on appearances. Have a great day!

  2. Gary Ramey
    Gary Ramey says:

    John, not sure if you were at NASGW and had a chance to make a comparison of the firearms, but the Honor Guard is nothing like the Shield.
    Here are a couple of differences:
    Ambidextrous magazine release
    Ambidextrous slide catch
    Ambidextrous manual safety (if equipped)
    Two different backstraps
    Snag free sights …but you can also rack on the flat front part of rear sight
    Serrations over the top for easier grip when racking
    Lighter racking force
    Shorter trigger reset
    No tools for disassemble
    No trigger pull for disassembly
    Better grip shape and texture
    Note that magazines are NOT interchangeable.
    Other than that……….

  3. Gary Ramey
    Gary Ramey says:

    Oh and John, I forgot to mention that the Honor Guard is modular.
    There is a stainless steel chassis inside that holds the operational platform……
    Different size frames, barrel options etc.
    And yes, before you ask, there are holsters and lasers available as well.

  4. glenn beecher
    glenn beecher says:

    Best of luck to ’em! Looks like a great 9mm pistol, but will it sell enough to be profitable & growing? There’s no shortage of 9mm pistols already on themarket.


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