Aim2curejm challenge

Shooting the Aim2CureJM Challenge

I like to be direct and there are certainly folks that appreciate…
S&W jframe

Smith & Wesson J-Frame

When it comes to concealed carry there are few guns that put…
J-Frame MAssad Ayoob
Ankle Med Kit

421 - Pincus and I chat about the SFD Responder and a ton of other Self-Defense Topics

Today I spent some time talking with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training…

412 - Daniel Shaw of Gunfighter Cast on the Pale Blue Dot and Industry Ethics

In this episode I talked with Daniel Shaw the host of Gunfighter…
ccw handgun fit

409 - Defensive Handgun Fit

Defensive Handgun Fit:  What is defensive handgun fit and why…
S&W M&P Shield

The Plan B for the S&W M&P Shield on Active Response Training

Today I was at the range shooting photographs for another professional…

407 - Get a grip! Improving your grip to Improve your defensive shooting.

407 - Get a Grip! Improve your grip on your defensive handgun…
Handgun World Plan B s&W Shield