Ankle Med Kit

421 – Pincus and I chat about the SFD Responder and a ton of other Self-Defense Topics

Today I spent some time talking with Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training about a wide variety of topics.
You can listen to the whole show here:
We started out talking about our current political situation and the Second Amendment challenges that we face and what we can do about them.
Ankle Medical kit
Somehow we spent  a chunk of time talking about ammunition evolution  and performance, and the hope that with engineering advances .380 might become the standard.
Both Rob and I have been testing the Safer Faster Defense Responder which is an ankle rig designed by Alessandro Padovani that is a great way to carry your medical essentials.
The conversation about medical gear lead into the civilian response to violence and spree killings and how we can make sure that we respond in a manner that is beneficial to those involved and also keeps us safe from others that may be responding to the situation.
Distance Education is an endeavor that PDN has been involved in since 2012 and Rob filled us in on the new Interaction with Law Enforcement course that recently launched on the website.
FInally we chatted about the Avidity Arms PD10 and some of the other highlights of SHOT Show 2017.
In our Exclusive Patron only content we chatted about how to make sure that you aren’t buying into your own BS.
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