407 – Get a grip! Improving your grip to Improve your defensive shooting.

407 – Get a Grip!

Improve your grip on your defensive handgun and improve your defensive shooting.

When it comes to defensive shooting one thing is relatively certain, if you need to use your concealed carry or home defense handgun to protect yourself or those that you love, you are going to have to hold onto it.
You are going to need to grip your handgun.

Although we can certainly perform and prevail with a substandard grip, establishing the best grip possible is in our best interest for a number of reasons:

  1. The more consistent your grip is, the easier it will be to fire the gun with speed and precision.
  2. The stronger your grip is the more likely you will be able to retain your handgun should there be a struggle over the gun itself.
  3. A quality grip is the foundational part of shooting and having a solid grip will make everything else easier.

8-points of a good defensive handgun grip

Strong Handdefensive shooting grip strong hand only

  1. Hand as high as possible on the grip
  2. Finger someplace other than the trigger
  3. Middle finger hard up against the bottom of the trigger guard
  4. Thumb high

Weak hand

  1. heel of hand in space created by the high thumb
  2. index finger hard up against the bottom of the trigger guard
  3. Fingers parallel with fingers of the strong hand
  4. Thumbs layered not crossed

20161020-ssa-grip10How to get a quality grip on the handgun

  1. Select a gun that fits
  2. Establish what works for you
  3. Habituate your grip
  4. Crush your grip on your handgun
  5. Get the grip in the holster
  6. Train it
  7. Practice it
  8. Force on Force it
20161020-ssa-grip35-1In violence we have very little control over the situation.  The criminal that attacks folks like you and me gets to choose the time, the place, the direction, the type of attack and more.  We as armed citizens are generally forced to respond to this situation.
I encourage people to take control of what they can control long before the attack ever happens.  the next time you head out to the range take a look at your grip.  Work to improve it so that it is more consistent and more powerful.
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