Why Take a Training Course

408 – Reasons Why You should take a Personal Protection Course

Why Take a Training Course
I spent time today at another instructors course to write an article and was very pleased with the day.
It was great to occupy a space other than on the instructor side or the student side and it opened my eyes and allowed me to be reminded of some things I like about taking training courses.
I wanted to share these ideas with you in the hopes that if you are sitting on the fence about taking a training course this might be the motivation you need.
Take a defensive training course:
  • To learn new skills
  • To gain a realistic confidence in your skills – Take an assessment or evaluation of where you are
  • To meet new likeminded people
  • To challenge yourself and encourage failure in a safe environment
  • For enjoyment
You need to evaluate your resources and find out what the reason is that you want or need to take that next training course.  Once you have identified that goal, then you can begin to search for the instructor that will most help you to reach that goal.
Thanks for listening!
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