S&W M&P Shield

The Plan B for the S&W M&P Shield on Active Response Training

Today I was at the range shooting photographs for another professional defensive firearms instructor and Plan B related Facebook contacts, emails and orders started to roll in.
Shield Plan B Comparison
It didn’t take me long to find the source of the interest.  Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training posted this very kind review of the Plan B.
 S&W Shield Plan B
Several months ago I reached out to Greg for some feedback on the Plan B which solves several problems with the factory design of the Shield.  I had remembered Greg mentioning that he carried a Shield at times and since I am familiar with Greg and his understanding of the dynamics of violence, it only made sense to ask someone like him to take a look at the product so that I could improve the design where needed.
Plus, those traps…
Thankfully Greg agreed and it sounds like he has spent the past couple of months putting the Plan B through the wringer.
The fact that Greg wrote these words is both humbling and flattering:
“In my opinion, the Plan B is a “must have” accessory if you are a Shield owner and use the larger magazines.  It’s a brilliant design and greatly improves the functionality of the pistol.  I’m looking forward to the upcoming release of the production version of the Plan B.  If you carry a Shield, you should purchase some as soon as they become available.”
“A brilliant design.”  Wow.  Twice in one day.  I heard the same thing today from a design engineer who works in the aerospace industry designing landing gear.
I appreciate the complements deeply, but I have to say that my students are the ones that need to be thanked for the the inspiration.  Watching their struggles on the range showed me the problems with the factory design and pushed me to continue with the project when the going has gotten tough.
S&W M&P Shield
There are tons of folks that have helped to push the project forward and to spread the word and I am thankful to all of them.
If you have questions about the Plan B or would like to order a Plan B for your Shield, I would be happy to help you out!
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