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The Protected Life Episode 002: Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer discuss concealed carry and families

[svp]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0aEzz5rv9Kc[/svp] The Protected Life – episode 002:  Concealed carry and families with Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer. In this episode of The Protected Life we talk with parents and personal protection instructors Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer.  We discuss firearm safety, personal protection strategies, how to carry a concealed handgun while you are with your children and […]

SSA In Personal Defense World 2016 Concealed Carry Annual

Safety Solutions Academy – Personal Defense World Article on Concealed Carry As a professional defensive shooting instructor I have the opportunity to talk with many students about the challenges that they face when it comes to concealed carry. Some of those challenges are easy to address. Others are much more difficult. Recently, Harris Publications  contacted […]


Paul-3-Palooza What Paul – E – Palooza looked like in 2015 Better than ever is probably the best way to describe this year’s Paul-E-Palooza.  Many of the same characters returned for another go round so the shenanigans were typical, but amped to the “shots out of the prothetic leg” level.  The irony.