0369 – 15 Min Friday – Calling 911

You!  Call 911!

When you need help in an emergency situation you usually need it pretty quickly.  Yet we know that once you call, you are on your own for minutes before help arrives.

Minutes can seem like an eternity when lives are on the line, but so often people hesitate to call 911 when they see emergency circumstances on the horizon.

Know why to call 911, when to call 911, and how to call 911.

911Knowing what the right reasons are for calling 911, when to call 911, and what needs to happen when you call 911 can make a big difference in the outcome of an emergency.

In general, the more information we can help the dispatcher understand about a situation, the more likely emergency responders are to have the information they need to help resolve the situation once they arrive on scene.  In some situations, the call itself can help get the correct response to the scene.

It makes sense to take some time to consider why we might call 911, when that call should be placed and what the important aspects of the call are BEFORE we ever have to place that call.


Important Resources

What you should do next:

  • Gain knowledge
  • Develop skills
  • Procure tools

You can do all those things by connecting with Safety Solutions Academy.  Simply use your phone to text “friday15” to the #33444 for additional resources delivered to your inbox in an easy to use pdf document.  The links are right there for you to follow so that you can figure it all out.


Thanks for taking the time to consider what I have to say!



-= Paul Carlson =-



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