Every Day Is Gun Safety Day

There is a month for everything these days, isn’t there?
May is the most popular month for months with a total of 18 special designations.
June not quite so popular with 3 special months and a whole bunch of weddings.
June is:
• Caribbean Heritage Month
• LGBT Pride Month, and of course
• National Safety Month
As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to June, it is all about safety. June is National Safety Month.

The Problem With Months
I think the whole “month” thing is a bit of a flawed concept. If it really is important shouldn’t you be paying attention to it all the time, not just during one month? It is kind of like Valentines Day. If you are really in love, do you need a special day to set aside to celebrate, or do you make your relationship a priority every day?
That is the problem I see with months. If it is really important you probably need to be thinking about it for more than just June.
So why in the world am I making a big deal about June being National Safety Month? It’s a fair question. For starters I’m not gay and I was born and raised in Michigan, and I am already married. So I had an opening in the calendar.
More importantly, I feel that safety is something that we should all pay attention to. I figure why not jump on the bandwagon of National Safety Month and see what I can do to raise awareness in a particular safety niche.
Yup. You guessed it Gun Safety. My hope is that with some focused effort in the month of June I can draw attention to an important issue every day of the year.

Gun Safety
Definitely an important topic. Over the past decade the numbers of gun owners has risen dramatically in the United States. That is a good thing. Guns are a critical tool when it comes to home and personal protection.
New gun owners face a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to their new firearms. Guns aren’t super complicated to use and when you compare a handgun to an iPhone 6, there is no comparison. Guns are down right simple.
The difference comes in the stakes. The fact is owning, carrying and operating a firearm is a high stakes endeavor. Simply put. If things go wrong or if you make a mistake, the consequences can be severe.
These stakes are what makes gun safety so important.
That is why I am putting a laser focus on gun safety.

30 Gun Safety Video Tips
My plan is pretty simple:
30 days in June = 30 gun safety video tips
The tips and videos aren’t designed to be ground breaking information. Instead, they are simple, straight forward, and tips that you can put into practice each and every day.
The best news is that the videos will last long past June. They will be there forever. Right where they belong for you to review, share, and point out when necessary.
The videos will be posted here on this page <a href=”http://
Www.Gunsafety.video” >Www.Gunsafety.video
, on the Safety Solutions Academy Facebook Page (click like and check notifications so you will be updated when they post,) https://www.facebook.com/SafetySolutionsAcademy and on the Safety Solutions Academy YouTube Channel (subscribe to get notifications.) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfwKL9T5t5KKp1c0gj9Stfw

Finally, most importantly, put the gun safety information to use EVERY DAY!
I don’t care if you are carrying, training, cleaning your gun, or just showing it to your buddy, put gun safety concepts, rules and ideas into play. If you don’t practice proper gun safety, eventually something is going to go wrong. You and those that you love will have to live with the consequences.

Gun safety isn’t complicated or difficult. It revolves around learning what gun safety really is and then making the personal commitment to implementing gun safety in your everyday life.
It is my hope that sharing these 30 Gun Safety Video tips will do a heck of a lot more than National Safety Month. If you have questions about Gun Safety and these tips don’t give you the answer you need, make sure to reach out to me. Use the comment section below to post a question, or to simply let me know what you think about the videos. I would love your feed back!
June might be National Safety Month, but Everyday is Gun Safety Day!


Safety Solutions Academy works to help everyday people live safer lives through safety, self-defense and defensive firearms training.

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