0263 – An Interview with Doug Dirren of TASER International

TASER is the biggest name in the ECD market and for good reason. TASER EDC’s tend to generate either love or hate from those that get involved with them. The love comes from the end user. The cop or civilian that is able to use the TASER to save their own life and maybe the life of the dirt bag they tase. The hate, well it comes from the scum in the dark alley with the red dot on his chest who knows he is about to go for a ride. You see, most people are one one end of the spectrum or the other regarding ECD’s with very few in between. That polarity of the extremes exists for a simple reason. TASERs work. Whether you are a LEO or a responsible citizen, there is a TASER ECD fro you and a place for that TASER in your self-defense plan.


  • Combat Focus Shooting Course
  • TASER Training Courses


TASER Website


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