0276 – Four Things to Take Away From the School Shooting in Chardon, Ohio

I talk often about ignoring the idea of boundries when it comes to crime and violence.  Yesterday I got a grim reminder of how correct my advice is as a tragedy unfolded in Chardon, Ohio just a few miles from our home.  I know that my show is not a current events show and I don’t want it to be, but when something happens this close to home that is relevant it would be silly to ignore the lessons we can learn from it.  Today we are going to take a look at 4 things to take away from the events of yesterday.


My heart goes out to those affected by yesterday’s events in Chardon.  Early this afternoon the third victim died despite the efforts of those involved.  I have invested a good bit of time today to try and bring truthful and quality information to you regarding the incidents yesterday.  Part of that time was invested in talking with folks who are connected to the situation to try and gather facts on the situation.

Because of our typical weekly schedule we spent some time in Chardon today.  It was sobering to see the flags flying at half mast and the jackoff media crowding the square today.  On the other hand it was great to see the number of Hilltoppers displaying their colors with pride.  It isn’t often that you see ten year old varsity jackets getting broken out of the closet.  We went about our normal routine and headed to the YMCA for swim lessons the students were at the Y in good numbers hitting the weights to stay on top of things while school is closed and practices are canceled.

My goal with today’s show is to take some general lessons from school violence and discuss.  Much of the information coming from the event are still pretty fuzzy so understand that unless I specifically note a connection with the shooting in Chardon I am speaking in general terms.  If I encourage something to be done I am not doing so because I believe it wasn’t done in Chardon.  I will not be pointing fingers at anyone other than the jerk pulling the trigger.

1.  We must take responsibility for our own safety

  • The solution isn’t more security in our schools
  • The solution is instead each and every one of us taking the responsibility for our own safety and security
    • We have to deal with the consequences when we fail so lets not fail
    • Lets raise our children in a manner that empowers them to care for themselves
    • Adults and authorities cannot be everywhere all the time

2.  Evaluate, prepare and train

  • Honestly evaluate the threats that you face where you and yours spend time
  • Prepare to face those most common threats
  • Follow through on your preparation with training

3.  Be a professional

    • The Chardon Police and Fire Departments did a great job yesterday
  • Time line:
    • 0:00 – 0738 The first 911 call was received
    • 2:23 – 0740 First ambulance on scene
    • 3:54 – 0741  First crew cleared to enter building
    • 6:33 – 0744 First victim loaded and en route to LZ
  • There was a strong multi-jurisdictional response
    • Munson
    • Thompson
    • Hambden
    • Burton
    • Newbury
  • Efficient use of the ICS
  • Outstanding Radio Protocol
    • Calm reminiscent of Captain Sully
    • Clear
    • Keyed the mic paused then talked
    • Paused between transmissions for other traffic
    • No unnecessary traffic
    • Consider this if you use a radio in your profession apply this to using your phone to call 911

4. Keep your firearms secured

  • The accused shooter is 17 years old
  • The state of Ohio requires an individual to be 21 years of age to possess a handgun unless supervised by a parent
  • There is no doubt that the source of the handgun used is being investigated and if appropriate charges will follow.


Come to Chardon for the Maple Festival April 26-29

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