0295 – The Myth of the Do-All Self-Defense Handgun

There is no doubt that we need to work to extend our resources when it comes to self-defense training and tools.  In an effort to find efficiency from an equipment stand point many people look for one gun to do it all.  I am certainly guilty of this “crime” and maybe you are too.  It is understandable that with the cost firearms, accessories and ammunition that we might try to consolidate.  Remember, anytime we try to do the same with less, we make sacrafices.  Today we will take a look at how our drive for gear efficiency might not lead us to the best self defense decisions.


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Self-Defense Priorities

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy firearms.  For the past 21 years, I’m guessing there hasn’t been a single day that has gone by that I haven’t at least though about guns.  Almost every day I have physical interaction with my defensive firearms, and as you know, I spend a lot of time training with, learning about and talking about my guns.

Like most of you, I have firearms that I depend on that fall into several categories:

  • Defensive
  • Hunting
  • Sporting
Like most of you, my collection is pretty extensive.  I am always looking for an excuse to add a new tool to my collection, but I am often torn between what I want and what I need.  For a long time I worked really hard to find guns that fit into more than one of the above categories in an effort to extend my resources.  There is an inherent issue with multi-purposing our tools.  CONCESSIONS.
When it comes to self-defense weapons, we cannot  afford to make concessions.  When we begin to consider the best self-defense tools, we have to remember that self-defense it the top priority!  We must find our best self-defense tools and then commit to those tools as opposed to making concessions for financial efficiency.


Common Concesions People Make when Choosing Self-Defense Weapons

Competition v. Self-Defense Handgun

This is the trap that I fell into for years.  I have talked about my caliber quandary and my choices for self-defense were often heavily influenced by the games I like to play with guns.  NO MORE!  I have chosen my best self-defense weapon and that is what I will compete with.  Be careful of the concessions competition can lead to:

  • Handgun Caliber
  • Handgun Capacity or Size
  • Handgun Action Type

Hunting v. Self-Defense Handgun

  • Caliber
  • Sight Systems
  • Capacity

Self-Defense Handgun v. Self-Defense Handgun?

Concealed Carry Weapons v. Home Defense Handgun - Primarily a size issue

  • Concealed Carry – small
  • Home-defense – large


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  1. Balloon Goes Up
    Balloon Goes Up says:

    I use my Glock 19 for training, competition and CCW. I also use my back-up Glock 19 with G 17 mag, light and laser for HD. Do you think I am compromising for HD to the point a G34 should be purchased?


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