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SSA Critical Defensive Handgun 2-Day Debrief

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0346 - Modifying training to ensure safety with Daniel Shaw

If you spend any reasonable amount of time training with firearms,…

Getting the Most From Your Concealed Carry Class

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0307 - The Problem with Firearm Safety Rules

In my opinion it is imperative that the student/teacher relationship is based on trust. We are dealing with life and death issues when we deal with combatives. The student must trust that the instructor is giving the best information possible. Many people mistake the instructors best effort with the instructor being required to be right I disagree The instructor has the responsibility to commit to having the best information available to provide to their students The instructor must constantly seek to understand where they are wrong and improve the information that provide to their students

0300 - Safety as a Concept In Training and in Life

Recently I stopped to look at the rules that were posted in our local YMCA swimming pool. There were a total of 14 rules listed one of which was, "No breath holding contests." It was really frustrating to read the rules that were trying to address very specific situations that were considered a danger and missing the big picture. There was no mention of "Swim within your ability," or any other rule that addressed safety as a concept. When we have rules like, "No breath holding contests," I always look for the rules that say, "Do not park your vehicles in the swimming pool," and "No chainsaws allowed in the hot tub." We can never address EVERY safety concern with a rule and we need to stop trying. When we attempt to cover it all specifically we will miss something, we will smother those we are trying to protect with minutia and we short circuit out goal of creating a safer environment.