0128 – LE What Can Women Learn From This

I really appreciate the input that I get from my listeners.  If you haven’t found Sports Stole My Man you should check it out.

Jen Posted up on my FB wall a link to this article Lululemon Robbery/Murder with the question: “What can women learn from this?”  Great question, but I’m not surprised that’s what good journalists do is ask good questions.

I look at information about crimes the same way I do about the situation in Japan.  No matter how morbid it seems we have a duty to analyze the situation as throughly as possible to learn from it.

So, here it goes  What can be learned from this horrible event:

  1. Boundaries aren’t
    • Criminals are smarter than we give them credit for.
    • They don’t follow our expectations regarding violent crime, instead they exploit them.
    • The question that Jen asked was a good one, but I want it to be better.  Women?  How bout people.
  2. Be slow to give trust and quick to take it away
    • Locks are there for a reason, use em!
    • Most crimes are inside jobs
    • Trust your gut
    • The Gift of Fear
  3. Get the training and skills you need now.
    • We are not safer with our heads buried in the sand
    • The wellness of those who make it through violent encounters tends to depend on the control they feel that they had during their violent encounter.
    • You cannot use skills and tools that you do not have.
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