0225 – Preparing for Cold Weather CCW

Cold Weather CCW

Fall is definitely here.  leaves are on the ground and today for the first time, they have a nice layer of frost on top.  Fall means lots of things to me, and that includes getting ready to carry my handguns concealed in cold weather.  The cold weather makes life easier in some ways when it comes to CCW, but at the same time it can complicate an already complex task.  Today we are going to look at what we need to consider to effectively carry our handguns concealed in the cold.

0225 – Preparing for Cold Weather CCW

Preparing to Stay Safe With Colder Weather on the Way

There is no doubt that cold weather is here.  I have had the first hard frost of the season, and the east coast has been hammered with feet of snow.  It is time, maybe even past time to get our act together when it comes to cold weather carry.

Cold Weather Means a Shift in Our Clothing

  • But we don’t necessarily need to shift out gear.
  • Easier to conceal your pistol
  • Harder to access the gun when you need it.
  • Layers complicate the situation
  • Moving from cold to hot and back it tough too

Keeping your Hands Warm


  • Test them dry
  • Test them hot
  • They need to allow you to fully function your handgun

Keeping Your Head Warm

  • Hats = Good
  • Hoods < Hats for visibility, awareness.  One of the best hoods ever is on this Propper Jacket
  • If you need a hood, get a good one.


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