SHOT Show Media Day Update

Hey folks  I wanted to take a few moments to update you on what went on at SHOT Show, 2012 Media day.

First of all it was a great day.  As I mentioned, I met up with lots of great folks.  I was able to join Adam Wilson of 1MOA and Will Wingfield of Fire for Effect for a breakfast before we hopped on a bus to head to the range.  (if you are in Vegas, we ate at Treasure Island and the buffet was tasty and stuck to my ribs for the day.)

When we arrived at the range we immediately got to work to find the lay of the land.  My first stop was to meet with Rob Pincus of ICE Training to talk about Winchester’s PDX1 self-defense ammunition.  Rob is a well spoken and knowledgeable individual when it comes to combative issues and the fact that he was so publicly supporting a specific type of ammunition intrigued me.  Rob did not disappoint.  Take a look at the following video to hear what Rob has to say about PDX1.  this video is the first of two videos.  The second which will be out later this week will cover the gelitan testing of .40, .308 and 12ga ammunition from Winchester.

We also had some time to kill with Richard and the Blue Sheepdog crew.  It is always a good time chatting with Richard and I look forward to spending more time with him this week.  Earlier this week Richard posted a press release from Magnum Research and we had a chance to shoot some video of the new 10/22 acitoned rifle.  Look for that video in the next 24 hrs.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  We did catch up for just a moment with the TSP Crew including Tiffany and Rich Rockwell and Jack and Dorthy Spirko.  I hope we get a chance to spend more time together before the week is out.

Keep an eye out for some video segments from Trijicon and Chioppa as well.

Before I sat down to break bread with the Helix Arms team I had a chance to interview Dave Spaulding and Mike Boyle to discuss combatives.  Look for those podcasts to lead off the week.

Today was not without its struggles.  I am having difficulty with the internet connection in my hotel which means that it is going to take extra effort to bring some of the content to you folks.  Please don’t take that as me being a whiny snot, but instead just a point of information.  We will get the content to you ASAP.

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