What is Safe Gun Handling?

Safe Gun Handling is an important aspect of Gun Safety and once we start to look at Gun Safety from a conceptual standpoint two things really become clear.
First, safe gun handling is an important way that we can reduce the risk of injuries and accidents with guns.
Second, safe gun handling isn’t just about when you have physical control over a gun. Safe gun has to be happening all the time.
The State of Ohio includes training in safe gun handling in it’s requirement for competence in its Concealed Handgun License course yet it doesn’t define or outline what safe gun handling is.
Since one of the things Safety Solutions Academy does is teach Concealed Carry courses I felt that it was important to define Safe Gun Handling and what it is.

I look at safe gun handling focusing on three important areas:

  1. Knowing Gun Safety Rules
  2. Implementation of Gun Safety Rules
  3. Proper Gun Storage

If we can drive our efforts into these three areas, I believe that we can have more success in mitigating the risks of firearms than focusing on any one of the areas alone.

Knowing Gun Safety Rules

This is the first step for making gun safety a reality. The only way we can use gun safety rules is to know them and the next three videos will go into detail with the three gun safety rules that I teach my students, friends and family and follow myself.

Implementation of Gun Safety Rules

As the old quip says, “Knowledge is power!” Sound bytes are great for marketing and such, but they rarely provide much value. Knowledge is useless unless it is put to use.

This is the case with Gun Safety Rules.

It doesn’t do any good to know gun safety rules unless you use gun safety rules!

You and I have both seen people that know better needlessly violate gun safety rules. In most circumstances, I see this as a simple lack of discipline. Often times it is a matter of convenience. Folks that carry a gun everyday to protect themselves and their family don’t carry a gun for convince, they do it for safety. It is then a bit ironic to violate safety rules in the name of ease.

Another common occurrence is that people implement gun safety rules in situations that demand it and then ignore them at other times. It is easy to do the right thing when people are watching and expecting you to follow gun safety rules. What about when no one else is around to keep you in check? When you are with your family on the farm enjoying a day of recreational shooting, are you making sure that you are following gun safety rules even though there might not be an “official” RSO on duty?

What about when you are tired after a day of training and you get home and need to clean your guns? Are you paying attention then?

Gun safety rules are meant to be used and used whenever possible.

Proper Gun Storage

Safe gun storage is an important aspect of gun safety. The fact is that at some point and time you must relinquish physical control of your gun. Maybe you are done using it and don’t want to have physical control, or maybe you need to take care of a task where possession of your gun is problematic. For example, when you sleep, take a shower, or go to a place where you can’t legally possess your gun. In all of these situations you need to store your guns in a manner that is safe for you and those around you.

The key here is making your firearm inaccessible to people that you are not willing to authorize to have access to your guns.

Each of these three points is an important step toward safe gun handling and we will be talking specifically about each of the points as the month of June continues. To make sure that you get all 30 of the important gun safety video tips that we will be releasing during National Safety Month, make sure to head to:
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In addition to having all 30 of the videos sent right to your inbox, you will receive a free guide to practical gun safety.

June is National Safety Month, but Everyday is Gun Safety Day!


Safety Solutions Academy works to help everyday people live safer lives through safety, self-defense and defensive firearms training.

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