The Protected Life Episode 002: Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer discuss concealed carry and families

The Protected Life – episode 002:  Concealed carry and families with Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer.

In this episode of The Protected Life we talk with parents and personal protection instructors Rob Pincus and Melody Lauer.  We discuss firearm safety, personal protection strategies, how to carry a concealed handgun while you are with your children and much more!

What you can expect to learn:

  • Ideas regarding when it’s time to talk with your children about your defensive firearms
  • Why firearm safety is a critical aspect of your families safety
  • Safe storage and staging practices for your defensive handguns
  • The pros and cons of carrying your baby on your body if you find yourself in a self-defense situation.
  • Other concepts you should be paying attention to that will increase your safety and have nothing to do with guns
  • Much more!

Let’s find out about this weeks guests:

CCW and familiesRob Pincus is joining us this morning from Colorado.  Rob is a father, an author, a well known Professional Defensive Firearms Instructor, developer of the Combat Focus Shooting system and The Executive Director at the Personal Defense Network.  As a long time firearms professional Rob has carried a gun throughout his adult life and has experienced the role of armed parent with his oldest daughter (20), children of other partners, and the newest addition to his family,  his 3 month old daughter.

Here is my coverage of Rob’s appearance on Fox News to talk about safe storage and staging of defensive handguns.  It contains a link to the segment which is a great primer on staging.

CCW with BabyMelody Lauer hails from Iowa and is a mother, blogger, firearms trainer and the woman that is known for teaching courses on the topic of carrying concealed while carrying a baby.

Here you can see her segment on carrying concealed while carrying a baby on the Doctors dramatically titled: Packing Heat and a Baby!

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