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Reality check. Unless you are some mega, ninja, stud, you are probably a lot like me. That means that WE are much more likely to die because we are old and fat and have a massive heart attack than we are to die in a gunfight. I’m sorry, I know it isn’t as fun to think about the truth. Just bear with me for the next few moments. Remember you are like me right. Well I need more exercise so I can postpone my death as much as possible. So I go to the gym, I work out at home, or where ever I am that I can squeeze in a few minutes of exercise. You know that I carry every where I go, this means I carry when I work out. Whew, we made it back to the tacticool topic. Today we are going to talk about carrying your self-defense handgun while you are working out


  • Range time this weekend 😉
  • T&E Gun Scheduled to arrive on Monday 🙁 and 🙂

Concealed Carry and Workouts

As I mentioned in the intro, I need exercise. I also mentioned that I ALWAYS carry my gun. Those of us that understand logic would then deduce that I carry my gun when I exercise. One point for logic! I do carry my gun when I work out.

  • If I could avoid violence at all times, I would and never carry a gun again
  • Since we don’t choose violence and violence chooses us,  the time, place and nature aren’t up to me either.  I best be prepared to handle it when it happens.

Why Should You Carry a Pistol when you Work Out?

I can’t really answer this question for you.  Only you can understand what you should be prepared to deal with and why.  What I can do is tell you some of the issues that you should look at that might help you to understand why it might be a good idea for you to carry.

Work out Hours

My life is busy and I often can’t work out when I want to.  I end up at that gym early and late.

  • Low light
  • Low population density
  • We all know that the freaks come out at night

Gym Locations

  • Gyms tend to be located in more urban areas where crime is more common
  • Depending on what kind of gym we are talking about, it might be plain “rough”
  • Not so much a problem for you as you work out in a “good” neighborhood?

Be a Boy Scout

  • Be Prepared
  • You don’t have control of when and where it is going to happen
  • You do have control over your own choices and actions
  • Carry your tools
    • Always
    • Everywhere

How do People Carry their Handgun when they PT?

The world is a diverse place and there are as many solutions to this exercise/gun problem as there are dumbell exercises.  Lets take a look at some of the solutions people employ.

The Gear Change

  • Smaller Gun
  • Different Holster
  • Mexican Carry
  • CCW Clothing
  • Belly Band
  • Pocket Carry

The Off Body Builder

  • The Fanny Pack
  • Its in the bag!

My Way

  • I have been working on my exercise carry technique for more than 12 years
  • It is a highly specialized system that works for me
  • with some slight modifications it might work for you too
  • Yup, I wear the same gear with the same clothes to work out that I wear every day.

Let Me Explain

  • My casual clothes
    • comfortable
    • allow freedom of movement
    • conceal effectively
    • these are the clothes I’m going to fight in when it happens
  • I avoid having to worry about spending money on workout clothes
  • I do leave some gear behind I don’t carry my spare mags
  • I do have to shift my revolver at one point in my workout
Everyone has to make their own decisions as to how far they want to take their commitment to safety and security.  For me, this isn’t a stretch at all.  In fact, working out in my daily carry gear is more convienient.
  • I know my clothing lets me move effectively
  • I know my gear is secure
  • I know I will have it when I need it
What do you know about your gear?



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