0290 – Interview with Jason Silva of Students for Concealed Carry

Folks that are long time listeners know that I carry my gear and that I recommend that you carry as much as possible as well.  There are places however where it is challenging to be as prepared as we would like to be.  These environments that challenge us are non permissive in different degrees.  Some places it is merely inconvienient to carry a gun like for instance the beach.  Other places it is against the rules like say at work, and in even other situations it is plain illegal like on many college campuses across the country.  Today we are going to talk with Jason Silva of Students for Concealed Carry.


Jason Silva

Jason Silva is 25 years old and am a fulltime college student in Utah studying Youth Leadership and Nonprofit Management at a large private university.  He started with Students for Concealed Carry in 2008 as a campus leader, became the Utah State Director in Fall of 2009 and a regional director an member of the board of directors in fall of 2010.  Jason spent three years as an explorer with a Sheriff’s office in Southern California while in high school and he intends on working professionally in recreational therapy to help our veterans in need upon graduation. Jason is very experienced in physical site security and is employed as a technical consultant for a large home security and home automation company. In addition, Jason is an NRA certified instructor and a Utah CFP instructor.

Today we talk with Jason about:

  1. Students For Concealed Carry
  2. Why students need to have the right to carry a concealed weapon
  3. How many campuses currently allow concealed carry
  4. What are the challenges standing in the way of making concealed carry a reality for college campuses
  5. How people can connect with SCC?

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