SSA Podcast 425

425 – Stepping Outside Your Personal Protection Comfort Zone

SSA Podcast 425
Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the ticket to growth in life, in business and in your own personal protection.  If you are always doing what you are comfortable doing, you are unlikely to experience significant growth.
I’m not suggesting that going someplace where you feel unsafe, or doing something that is going to lead to an unsafe situation.  Instead, I am suggesting that you step outside of your typical comfort zone when you are preparing for your defense.
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Instead of practicing the things that come easily to you, try something that is difficult.

Instead of just going to the range to practice, take a training course.
If you spend all your time training guns, get some unarmed training or medical training.
You get the idea.  Step outside your comfort zone to make gains.
If you are looking for a training course, take a look at the Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced course that SSA will be hosting.  It is a unique class in that Bob Mayne, Ben Branam and myself will all be instructing at the course.  You will get the viewpoint of three different instructors in two days of outstanding training.
Follow this link to get your self registered for the August 12-13th Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced in Garrettsville, OH.
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