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429 – Covering your ASP with John Correia of Active Self Protection

In this episode of the SSA Podcast:

We chat with self-defense content task master John Correia of Active Self Protection.

Through ASP John releases daily videos on Facebook, Youtube and the ASP website that analyze real life self-defense encounters and teaches lessons in personal protection.

You can listen to the whole podcast with John Correia by clicking on the play button below.

The lessons taught through John’s videos emphasize the Attitude, Skills, and Plan that every day concealed carry holders should be focusing on  to maximize their training, practice and chance to survive a violent encounter.

Throughout it’s three(ish) year existande, the ASP YouTube channel, has been incredibly successful.  In our preshow chat, (sorry folks that was the REAL reason I caught up with John) I commented that a lot of the success of ASP was related directly to Correia’s tenacity in creating consistent content.  John Quickly added an additional word, COMPELLING.  He is right.  The daily videos that John narrates are consistent, compelling, content.

And the fans of ASP love it.  More than 500,000 subscribers and 200 MILLION views…. John makes ASP the perfect example of what reliable posting of quality content can do in today’s world.

In the podcast, Correia discusses some of the main lessons that he has been able to distill down after posting more than 1000 narrations and viewing many thousands more violent encounters.

The success of ASP is also clearly represented by John’s recent adventure at the NRA Carry Guard Expo.  The NRA invited Correia to present 3 different seminars a total of 6 times at the expo.  According to ASP, the expo attendees were “hanging from the rafters” with an average of around 300 attendees at each seminar.

Impressive, no doubt.

Our discussion goes way beyond Carry Guard and YouTube.  We also chat about the difference between being in a gunfight and a shooting, the morality difference between a violent criminal and a law abiding citizen, FIBS and FIBA, what they mean and why they are important to you, why John thinks shooting with fast splits may not be the best choice in self-defense, and a ton more.

I think this show is gonna be a long time favorite.

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Tim Larkin’s book, When Violence is the Answer (my copy is on its way and I will talk more about the book when I get through it.)

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Great training. I am adding to my defense training many lessons learned.
    What was that pepper spray you recommended?


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