0187 – Keep Your Teeth

I’m not sexist, or racist, but I have to admit as hard as I try not to judge people by thier appearance, I might be just a bit teethist.  We all have flaws right?

Well, it would be no good to judge others and not make sure I take care of my choppers.  Yeah, brush, floss, go to the dentist, all that, but in my line of work, My first priority is to make sure teeth stay connected to my head.

I don’t let students hit me in the head.  It just isn’t an option.  I don’t enjoy drooling, or trying to remember my own name, or even wetting myself.  All a drag, even among friends.  When I run simulations I have pads that students can strike to simulate hitting the head of their attacker, and that usually works.  Usually is the key word.  It happens:

  • chaos
  • stress
  • inexperience

As I mentioned in yesterday’s show, I had a great weekend of training which culminated in some basic RBT.  Well remember usually.  Left elbow hard.  I saw it coming, but not soon enough to completely avoid it.  Caught me on the tip of the chin.  It hurt, still does and I’m glad i bet i’ll react quicker next time when somebody leads with a left elbow.  Most importantly, teeth still in head.  I give a lot of credit to my new mouth guard.

I went to the Dentist last week and as part of the normal checkup they asked if I had any loose teeth.  My response was other than a few days after getting hit in the face no.  24 hours later I had a new, custom molded, high tech, easy to talk with mouth guard that kept my pearly off whites firmly in place as Z’s left elbow blasted my jaw.

Wear a mouth guard when you train.

  • even when you aren’t expecting to get hit in the head, accidents happen
  • get one professionally made
  • better fit
  • more comfortable
  • more secure
  • easier to talk with
  • more likely to be in my mouth when I need it to be

Keep in mind it was ten times as costly as what I could buy at the sporting goods store and make myself.  The guards at the sporting goods store are 3.50.  You do the math.

Talk to your dentist.


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